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Hometown Tattoo is in Norwalk, Ohio at 546 Tattoo Studio talking to Robin H.M., a tattoo artist that it is as passionate about helping others as she is about her art. You’re about to find out why she and Jeff Garton are two people that know what it means to give till it hurts.

Robin H.M. and her staff at 546 Tattoo Studio are shaking up the idea of the traditional tattoo shop all while putting out some amazing art so the next time you are in Ohio, stop by and say hello and maybe be a part of breaking a world record.

Contact Robin H.M. at:

Robin H.M.
546 Tattoo Studio
53 Benedict Ave.
Norwalk, OH 44857

Phone: 567-424-6200

Contact Hometown Tattoo at:
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2011 Risen Industries Production

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I’ve been driving and sleeping in cars and crashing with friends all week. Falling apart in a Cleveland rest stop. ‘2012 Too Broke To Tattour”


Hey Ohio. We’re inside you. On our way to Oklahoma to shoot for Hometown Tattoo. Then on to Chicago. Check us out at